Dream Therapy

Listen into profound dream wisdom to heal, nurture and unfold your psyche.

Why Dream Therapy?

Heal Trauma

Dreams make trauma and inner conflict conscious to the dreamer in order to heal the psyche. Dream therapy assist this healing process which is naturally guided through your dreams. Even if your dreams seem frightening or unpleasant; over time as your psyche heals, your dreams will change for the better.

Nurture Your Soul

Dreams contain symbols which helps the dreamer to connect with the deepest parts of their being. Creativity is unlocked and wellbeing increases. Dreamers find new inspiration and meaning in their lives.

Unfold Your Potential

Dreams guide the dreamer to make changes necessary in order to unfold their potential, reflecting where their psyche is out of balance or they need to challenge themselves. In addition; dreams often offer solutions to problems we are trying to resolve.

Dream Services

Individual Dream Therapy

Individual Dream Therapy offers an exclusive and focussed space for exploring your dreams. The meetings are arranged at a convenient time for you.

Dream Groups

Explore your dreams and learn from witnessing others. In a dream group you receive a variety of insights and support.

Dream Retreats

Dream Retreats are perfect for you if you are ready to take your psychological and spiritual development a step further. During dream retreats you receive dream therapy and practices to support the dream explorations. If you are interested in being reflective and in silence for a few days this is for you.

*Any dream exploration is only undertaken after an initial consultation meeting during which Marlene will do an assessment with you and will be able to answer questions you may have.

Dream Wisdom Gallery

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