Online Psychotherapy and Counselling is easy to arrange and gives you access to and experienced therapist from your home.

Seeing a therapist may feel daunting at first.  In fact, most people feel that way when they first arrive for counselling or psychotherapy.  However, by the end of the initial consultation most people are feeling positive about the choice to get help and comfortable with the therapist.  The relationship with the therapist is very important for the success of the therapy.  Due to the lockdown measures you may think that you would have to wait in order to get help. However, that is not the case and meeting online has become as easy as picking up the phone used to be. The safe therapeutic space which used to be the therapist’s office is now re-created with a few  very simple protocols which are explained and agreed at the first meeting, Once you have made an appointment, it is quick and easy to download the free video conferencing software for the meetings.

Many years ago online psychotherapy and counselling was not available and the importance of meeting in person was king.  However; adapting to change, is exactly what therapy is often about.  During the pandemic we are making adjustments in order to best provide much needed Counselling and Psychotherapy at the time when it would be most helpful. Online psychotherapy and counselling has come a long way in part due improvements in technology.

Marlene has been providing online counselling for many years in addition to working in Central London and Tatsfield Surrey.

Online Services include: Individual Psychotherapy or Counselling,  Relationship Counselling, Dream Therapy and Clinical Supervision.

Feel free to make contact with questions.

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