Deserting our dreams shuts the doors of our hearts to wisdom.  Carrying our dreams close to our hearts promises the expansion of consciousness and our capacity to love.
Dreams are a bridge to the seed-head of our being.  As we walk from one side, the dust on our feet, will still ruminate before turning to dew.  Our struggles will loom large in our dreams, our shock, anger and sadness at the loss of liberty, time with loved ones and bereavement will initially predominate.  Before acceptance will usher in new meaning, inspiration and change.

At this time, we are witnessing how interconnected we are and no-where is this more evident than when we dream.

When we evolve as human beings, we understand more and more that we are part of a collective.  At the same time, we are individuals who, in order to raise our consciousness, need to take responsibility for our individual transformation process, which in turn will impact the collective. If we are constantly projecting outwards what we need to sit with and face within ourselves, we will remain stuck in a place which has contributed to the disaster which is unfolding. Healing of the individual and collective psyche arrives through holding the opposites.  When we have nightmares, we are often bombarded by disowned parts of ourselves. For instance, if we can accept that part of us is ill due to being unbalanced towards activity, we can then begin to address that and find a new balance. Each person that does, adds to the collective, increased awareness and health.

Psychic dreams and Transformation:

Last year in working with people’s dreams I knew that there is a period of time approaching where there will be more deaths.

In psychotherapy we look at dreams of death not always as dreams which indicate that you are going to physically die but it may (and most commonly does) indicate that you are in a process of transformation and that part of your ego is falling away to allow for a new transformed you to emerge.  We are all being asked to change our ways – virtually everybody is affected by the pandemic in some way and so many of the dreams are about change that is coming through us as a result.

Dreams use symbols from our everyday lives to convey these messages.  A person may dream of a hospital at the moment, which may indicate that their psyche is undergoing a healing process (such as which takes place in a hospital).

To understand individual dreams more clearly looking at an individual dreamer’s dreams over time is very helpful.  When we see it in the context of their lives and conscious-making process it becomes clearer how to interpret the dream; for instance, to know if it is a psychic dream or more to do with the person. These two can be linked and perhaps at the time the person had the psychic dream they are also going through a personal death or transformation.

Currently most of us are experiencing pressure at many levels which are causing fear and anxiety. We may therefore be more prone to nightmares.  We could see see the nightmares as dreams which are showing us that which we need to understand within ourselves

Even within a small dream group people will have shared images in their dreams – collective dreaming is visible. We are all working on each-other to evolve and to become more conscious in order to effectively become free of our own limited ways of viewing ourselves.  We tend to see ourselves as more limited than we really are.

We are captive in our homes – that does not mean we are not connected we can meet in our dreams or pick up on what the neighbor is dreaming.  Collectively we have similar struggles all across the world – we become conscious of our selfishness and our kindness alike.

We need food to live, we need to breathe to live. Similarly, our minds need food. If our minds are busy going around in circles instead of becoming conscious of something new or if our minds are stuck on branding and blaming each-other, then we cannot move through to a place in the psyche where we can relate and move forward. Where wisdom and new life can come from. The psyche needs to evolve, us individuals and collectively as communities – through dreams we are helped to do so. In that process it is important not to only focus on what is scary and unresolved, but to find the strength and beauty that can emerge through sitting with the difficulties in a hopeful way. When we sit with the fear the counterbalance appears.  This is an enforced time for introspection – we can sit with who we are and see qualities that we have forgotten in ourselves emerge again.

When we look at a collection of dreams at this time, we can hear each other’s pain and struggle that is resonant of our own. This act awakens empathy and heart connection; a soulful way of relating and viewing ourselves and others.  This love (empathy) will produce a collective container which will help individuals to feel held as they sit with the parts of themselves, they don’t like and had previously been able to overlook through, for instance an outward facing and overly active attitude.

Our task is to find the truth of who we are in order to become conscious and understand things more clearly collectively. When we keep focused on limitation – material things inform us – when we are poor, we don’t necessarily feel poor. Equally, when we are rich, we sometimes feel poor.

Whilst looking at these dreams we must not fear the intermediate space is contaminated – it is of the utmost importance to sit with our wellness and to discover our wellness which is also in the dreams – the dreams are attempting to move us to wellness. Our psyche’s need to evolve in order to see not only illness.

Dreams are support, a mirror and a guide; if we hold them as such, we will find an abundance of gold at the end of the dream-witnessing.
Dream therapy can assist you in understanding and relating to your dreams.

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